Settings applications to always open on certain desktops

Conor Schaefer conor.schaefer at
Mon Feb 25 01:22:56 UTC 2008

I use Gutsy and Compiz, 4 desktops on a cube. I love the workspace
management, very efficient.

I usually set Gnome to save my session on logout, so that when I log
back in, all the same applications reopen. This is useful because it's
usually things like Thunderbird and Firefox, possibly Pidgin too.

The problem: ALL applications open on desktop one! This means every time
I log in I have to spend 20-30 seconds organizing the different apps to
their respective desktops.

Is there any way to declare that a specific application always opens on
a certain desktop, e.g. Amarok on Desktop 2, Thunderbird on Desktop 4, etc.?

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