Kernel security flaw??

Karl Larsen k5di at
Sun Feb 24 22:00:08 UTC 2008

geoffrey froner wrote:
> I saw the following report at the Gentoo site.  Not being an expert with
> Linux, I am at a loss to understand the impact.  Is this something Ubuntu
> users need be concerned?  Is there already a patch for this problem?
> "Two *major security flaws in the Linux kernel* were reported last weekend.
> Both flaws have the same impact (*root access for local users*) and both
> exist within the vmsplice() system call, which was added to the kernel in
> 2.6.17. There is no configuration option to exclude vmsplice() so *everyone
> is vulnerable."
> Geoffrey
> *
    Well this is a problem since if someone can get on your computer 
they can ruin it. I know from experience that a simple user password can 
be used by a ssh user to get access to my computer. Now my password for 
user karl is not simple.

    If you have a simple password for your user login, change it to a 
good one like wq2TyFg.



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