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Sat Feb 23 22:24:52 UTC 2008

On Friday 22 February 2008 23:40:11 Rich Rudnick wrote:
> Donald wrote:
> > Greetings,
> >
> > I'm a Windows sysadmin who is new to Ubuntu. My son has been busting my
> > chops to give it a look and I recently acquired a Dell 2650 that I would
> > like to configure as a firewall for my network.
> >
> > Knowing next to nothing about the OS I was hoping someone could point me
> > in the right direction where I might find some literature and how-to
> > information that would assist me in this endeavor. My son simply gushes
> > over Ubuntu and having seen the workstation version on his PC, I must
> > admit that it appears very user-friendly.
> >
> > At $1000.00+ for an entry-level SonicWall firewall (that my secadmins
> > insist is not a "real" firewall) and upwards of $5000.00 for a
> > CheckPoint solution, not to mention license fees, a Linux-like
> > implementation simply makes good sense. A security consultant friend of
> > mine swears that a rock-solid implementation is possible; I just need a
> > little guidance.
> You could install a full fledged linux OS and configure it as a
> firewall, but you might find more useful as a
> dedicated installation.
Second this. Been using their free version to protect my home network up until  
about a year ago and their commercial version looks very interesting.

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