jack tdldev at
Sat Feb 23 17:25:48 UTC 2008

Running Gutsy server w/flux...
I added a line to my menu to run synaptic which has stopped working in
the last day or so.

	[exec] (Synaptic) { x-terminal -T "Synaptic"
-e /usr/bin/gksu /usr/sbin/syanptic }

When I run this, the terminal shows -
Error copying '/home/jack/.Xauthority' to '/tmp/libgksu-zf78fX':
Permission denied

I'm logged into flux as a normal user, but a few days ago I logged into
flux as root and was wondering if that may have had something to do with

Any input is appreciated, since this was working up until around
Thursday (2/21/08)



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