serious compiz freeze issues

Adam D emlists at
Sat Feb 23 04:13:57 UTC 2008

I have been dealing with an issue that keeps recurring with compiz.  The
issue is something related to upgrading even though I keep a heavy eye
on each upgraded item and how it may interact with compiz.  I guess It
has not been good enough.

Issue:  When logging into user accounts except root, (gutsy) with
compiz-fusion enabled the account loads, flickers to compiz and then
freezes.  If one changes to one of the tty terminals and back, once was
the desktop image is now just a black screen.  I have no clue why this
happens to every account except root which leads me to believe it must
be a permission issue.  Has anyone else experience this as well?  I
really do not want to reinstall for the 4th time the whole 13gigs and
the hard work it takes. 

If there may be some other info I can share to help please let me know. 

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