problem to install ubuntu on asus eee pc

Jim mickeyboa at
Fri Feb 22 22:04:30 UTC 2008

Sauro Cesaretti wrote:
> Exactly, I'm sorry, It doesn't make the boot stage.
> When I select the boot device, It didn't give any message, it just start the
> other distro installed in the hdd.
> Maybe the boot disk is not created properly.
> Thank you again and I'm sorry for the last message
> regards, Sauro
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> schrieb "Sauro Cesaretti" <me at>:
>> I'm so sorry  maybe I didn't specify it so clearly.
>> The problem is that I can't install ubuntu because the installation 
>> doesn't work with usb key.
>> as I said I followd the wiki to create the installation disk but it 
>> doesnt' work.
> I am sorry that you don't understand me, "doesn't work" is no problem
> description. I can image many problems you could have during installation
> from an usb stick. It seems you think that I should formulate them all so
> that you can choose the right one.
> But it is not fair to let the helper make all the work, because You know the
> problem already so why not tell it?
> I make only one try, is the problem that the stick doesn't boot? 
> Gerald
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Sauro, does the eepc have the capability of booting  off a External USB 
I purchase a Everx Cloudbook and the only way you can reinstall OS is to 
remove hard drive from CloudBook and put on another laptop and install 
OS and then put back into CloudBook.
The problem there is when you do that, your warranty has gone out the door.


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