Stop package update (apt-get)

Derek Broughton news at
Fri Feb 22 18:16:05 UTC 2008

Mario Vukelic wrote:

> On Fri, 2008-02-22 at 17:59 +0100, Sam Przyswa wrote:
>> I use our customized version of hylafax-server and I don't want to
>> update/upgrade it. On a server in Dapper the actual version is the
>> 4.2.5-1, how to configure the /etc/apt/preferences to always keep this
>> version even if we use the backport repository.
> You will likely have to pin the package. See:

First, if you create your own version of something that's in the repos, you
want to at least package it so that the package system recognizes it
(chkinstall).  Then you can give it a version number high enough that it
won't get superceded, at least in the near future.


# sudo aptitude hold hylafax-server

should also do the job for you (again, as long as it's packaged).  

otoh, if you _don't_ package it, you can just remove the Ubuntu package from
the system, and it's never going to be automatically installed - unless
something really does depend on hylafax-server (the three packages I can
see are hardly likely to be installed accidentally).

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