Microsoft set to open up software:

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Fri Feb 22 09:15:31 UTC 2008


On Fri, Feb 22, 2008 at 1:23 PM, James Gray <james at> wrote:

> Call me a cynic, but I think M$ are just blowing a whole lot of hot
> air and don't have any real intention o open up their API's any more
> than they have in the past.  Their reasons for this, IMHO, are two
> fold (and temporary):
> 1. Ongoing anti-trust isssues in Europe.
> 2. Upcoming vote on OOXML ratification.
> Not much we can do about #1, but #2 is just another attempt to get the
> rest of the world locked into the MS-Office suite.  It ISN'T
> compatible with ODF, the GPL (or any other "open" license), it's
> missing key components that are required for developers to properly
> implement OOXML in non-M$ tools, and their submission was devoid of
> valid XML!
> Wait until these two storms have blown themselves out, and you'll see
> the same old M$ we've all grown to know (and hate).[1]

I completely agree with James.
Today they are "pledging" all this , worded quite diplomatically and
tomorrow, they will be shooting allegations on open source software
violating Microsoft patents.

Unless they actually put this into practise, no point in rejoicing.

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