Weird printer problem

scott redhowlingwolves at
Fri Feb 22 06:32:57 UTC 2008

scott wrote:
> To cut to the chase, whenever I print any page, I get swamped with DNS
> requests to an @localhost. address.I use Samba,have checked samba.conf,
> dhcpd.conf, /etc/hosts and can not figure out why this is happening.
> It only happens after I print something.I have gone through my cupsys
> files and just can't figure this one out
> .Even my hplip doesn't show anything that would start spewing DNS 
> requests.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks in advance,
>    Scott
Nobody has any ideas? Am I that deep in hot water to where I have to 
delete Samba, and everything related, to see if this does it?

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