corrupt video when using uswsusp s2disk

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Fri Feb 22 06:22:10 UTC 2008

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hi list

here's my problem.

on a certain machine with an NVidia Go5700 graphics adapter, the
nvidia-glx-new driver and an LCD display at 1600x1050, when i hibernate
with uswsusp (s2disk) i get a corrupt video display while the
hibernation is taking place.

(the hibernation built in to ubuntu wouldn't work properly so i switched
to uswsusp which has solved that problem for me nicely until now.)

this NVidia card has been a thorn in my side - under Edgy and Feisty i
had a heck of a time getting the video to work properly with the
nvidia-glx-new driver.  the problem was the display would go all corrupt
with very funky colours spreading around the screen making the screen
completely unreadable.  under edgy i used the legacy driver which
initialized things properly.  when i got to feisty i found the solution
turned out to be adjusting the monitor refresh rates in xorg.conf.

now under gutsy when i use s2disk i get the same corrupt display problem
when i am hibernating and resuming - but this is on a tty and thus not
controlled by xorg.conf and my edid refresh values.

s2disk seems to create a new terminal on tty9 which it uses to display
the progress - not sure if i am correct with this assumption though.

i want to stop my display from corrupting as i am a little worried i may
be causing damage to the lcd.  also i like to see the progress uswsusp
is making.

now for the questions:

1.  anyone know if i am actually damaging the display by initializing a
video mode which seems to be unsupported?
2.  anyone know if i can tell uswsusp/getty or whatever is spawning the
tty9 to use different refresh rates for the display?

i've had no luck with the man pages for getty.

i've been fooling with different vga values in grub's menu.lst with no
effect other than if i add any vga= value i lose the ablility to see
*ANY* of my tty displays.

google isn't turning up much which probably means i need to sleep on it
and try some more queries tomorrow.  :)  in the meantime i hope (and
hope and hope) one of you has the silver bullet to help me fix this for

thanks in advance for any help!

- -d

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