Laptop lockup

NoOp glgxg at
Fri Feb 22 00:24:51 UTC 2008

On 02/21/2008 10:30 AM, Neil Cherry wrote:
> NoOp wrote:
>> On 02/20/2008 05:46 AM, Neil Cherry wrote:
>>> Dmesg won't show anything useful as it gets wiped at startup.
>> Odd... mine always has dmesg (today) plus previous days: dmesg.0
>> (yesterday), dmesg.1.gz (yesterday), dmesg.2.gz (two days ago) - then
>> again I boot each day on this machine.
> I double checked and there is only dmesg there. Oddly enough I
> found out that when it 'locked up' today I was able to hit
> CTRL-ALT-DEL and it cleanly shutdown. So the machine isn't locked
> up but the screen is. I haven't quite figured it out just yet
> but that's a major step forward.
> Thanks
> PS I hope to get time to look at the bug list later on.

What are your power setting set at? Perhaps it's going into a failed
sleep or suspend mode. Also, if you can CTRL-ALT-DEL, then you might
also be able to go into tty (Ctrl-Alt-F1-F4 - use Ctl-Alt-F7 to return
to gui mode and see if you can see anything in the message logs.

You also mentioned that the laptop seems hot and the fan is on when this
happens - I wonder if perhaps there is a cpu heat sensor (bios or
ubuntu) triggering the state? I'd first check your bios settings to see
if you have a setting for cpu temp monitor & actions.

To check, you can try:

sudo apt-get install sensors-applet

Then right-click on your top panel, add to panel, scroll to System &
Hardware & add "Hardware Sensors Monitor"

[disclaimer: I've not tried it]

BTW: What is your laptop & laptop specs (memory, cpu, ram etc)?

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