software for web forms

andy baxter andy at
Thu Feb 21 15:02:45 UTC 2008

Luca Ferrari wrote:
> Hi all,
> apologize for this "simple" question, but which software do you recommend me 
> for building quickly web forms and storing data to a database? I'd like to 
> create forms with a quick editor, something like building a wiki page, and 
> I'd like to store results in a database. Any suggestion?
> Thanks,
> Luca
Depends what you want to do, but maybe have a look at django:

It's a quite powerful toolkit for building database driven web 
applications. It does a lot of the hard work for you, leaving you to 
code the bits that are specific to your particular application (in quite 
a sparse and expressive way) rather than generic form handling etc. 
Might be more than you need for a simple application, but worth a look 
if you're thinking it might grow into something bigger. It uses python 
so you'd have to learn that.

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