Hi Guys! I'm new to Linux and tired of windows

Bart Silverstrim bsilver at chrononomicon.com
Thu Feb 21 13:09:10 UTC 2008

Fernando Lopez wrote:
> Just wanted to know if I install the Ubuntu distro will run Photoshop 
> CS3???? Corel Everything Adobe…

You *might* be able to coax WINE into running it, but you would have to 
check WINE's website.  You could probably run it under VMWare or 
Virtualbox but I don't know if it would count as running it under Linux.

If you absolutely need Adobe products and can't use any substitute 
programs you would probably want to look into dual-booting Windows with 
Linux for performance and complete compatibility, if you don't mind a 
performance hit and learning curve for virtualization then VMWare or 
Virtualbox would be a great alternative.

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