Little Problem

Karl Larsen k5di at
Wed Feb 20 13:28:20 UTC 2008

    As I was writing on my paper about using 'fdisk' I discovered to my 
horror that I used it wrong on both my hard drives. Both HD are 160 GB 
one IDE the SATA. When I made the partition /dev/hda4 I didn't make it a 
full size Extended type. I made them both smaller making both hard 
drives have about 50 GB effective :-)

    Now I know how to correct the fdisk call and use the whole HD but I 
can't do it without a high risk of loosing what is in the Extended 

    Well I tried it on the SATA HD because this Ubuntu is on the IDE HD 
and it almost worked. I had Fedora 8 on the Extended partitions in two 
partitions. I got the boot partition screwed up but the main partition 
is fine.

    So you can re-do the Extended partitions but it is very risky. I 
decided it needs to be done so I copied this Ubuntu from here on the IDE 
to a new partition on the SATA HD which is twice as big as this one. 
This is important because now my Ubuntu is using 85% of the partition! 
Have to fix this :-)

    I need to change grub and fstab on the copied Ubuntu and it should 
be fine since I used rsync to copy the stuff over. It is fast and 



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