Partition Reorganization / unsuccessfull ;-(

Nils Kassube kassube at
Wed Feb 20 08:19:02 UTC 2008

i-ubux at wrote:
> > i-ubux at wrote:
> Of course i had tested it working not only ONE time ...
> ... few times. I was able to boot from both the installations ...
> ... as long the original sda2 was present ! ;-)

Ooops - now it would be interesting to know which step was missing.

> > To save your data, I would suggest to us the Ubuntu Live CD. From the
> > Live CD you can mount the relevant partitions and copy the data
> > preferably to another machine.
> For the very first time I had tried this yesterday too and
> as a total Linux Greenhorn I was unable to get done how and what's
> needed. ;-(
> I really do appreciate some more specific guidance here: TIA ! ;-)

There are several ways to copy files from one machine to another - ssh, 
nfs, samba, sshfs, probably more. I think, the easiest is ssh. Install 
the package openssh-server on one of the machines - yes, you can install 
it on a system running from a live cd too (if you have enough memory), 
but that would not be persistant. Then use the scp command from the other 
machine to copy the files. See "man scp" for details. 

> >> I am sure (now, new) sd3 is a ext3 partition.
> >> Sometimes I see it displayed as ext3sf !?!?
> >> How comes ??
> >
> > Where do you see it as ext3sf? Can you mount the partition from a
> > Live CD? If so, open a terminal and use the mount command to find out
> > what file system it is. But I suppose it is not ext3sf but ext3fs and
> > ext3 is the same as ext3fs - with fs being the abbreviation for "file
> > system".
> Seems I been too stressed / tired: Typo !
> Should have been: Sometimes I see it displayed as ext2fs !!

OK, now there is a difference. If you tell us where it is displayed as 
ext2 sometimes, maybe someone can tell you the reason.


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