eclipse-pydev: New upstream release 1.3.13 avaible

Derek Broughton news at
Wed Feb 20 01:25:08 UTC 2008

Kristian Rink wrote:

> Derek Broughton schrieb:
>> Whatever happened to the concept of reuse?  If Eclipse (and others)
>> would just use .deb formats, it would be a perfect world and
>> we'd all be happy (not to mention rich & beautiful).
> Rich? Not talking 'bout beautiful, guess I missed something in here. ;)
> But I guess it's not just about the .deb format, after all. From that
> point of view, I guess the Eclipse approach is rather sane - provide a
> common packaging system that is available on all platforms supported by
> the IDE, including those featuring a rather strict package management
> themselves (recent Linux distributions, maybe excluding
> Slackware/Zenwalk) on one side, some proprietary Unices and MS Windows
> (not talking about Microsoft Installer) on the other. Plus, considering
> Java to be a platform (thus operating system) independent technology,
> having a platform independent packaging format for Java seems a good
> thing.

My point being that there's nothing "platform dependent" about apt - eclipse
could have packaged all their bits as .debs, and installed them with java
just as easily as using their own system (probably _more_ easily).  Of
course, technically, it wouldn't have to use .deb, but we all know that any
other system would be Not Ideal.
> Well, guess I'd better stop here, not to end up ranting all day and nite
> about the shortcomings and inconveniences of OSGi, JSR 277, the NetBeans
> module format, META-INF'ed .jar files, maven poms and the (so far)
> inability of the Java world to actually create an interoperable,
> generally approved standard of how to package and distribute code as
> reusable modules... :/
That of course is the whole problem.  There's nothing technically impossible
about making _all_ software distribution and packaging interoperable - even
considering different platforms.  After all, Debian & Ubuntu package up
everything for many platforms, and they don't interfere with each other. 
It would just take the will of everybody to get together and do it.

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