Gridsphere deployment

Leandro Doctors ldoctors at
Tue Feb 19 23:16:53 UTC 2008

Am Di 19 Feb 2008 schrieb John DeCarlo:
> On Feb 19, 2008 12:29 PM, Leandro Doctors <ldoctors at> wrote:
> > Has anyone succesfully deployed Gridsphere on Ubuntu?
I think I wasn't clear enough: I ment **by using the distro's (either Debian 
or Ubuntu) standard tomcat and ant packages**.
Has anyonme done it **that way**?

> Have you followed the installation procedures at : 
Yes. You can the details if you check the second reference from my previous 

> Have you successfully deployed Tomcat and Ant before?  They can be a little
> tricky just on their own.
Yes, with both Debian and Ubuntu, using the distro's bundled packages (not by 

> Did you make sure that all environment variables are defined in places where
> they will persist from one session to another?
That's somehow tricky, but I managed to do it and Gridsphere (both 2.2.x and 
3.0.x) compiles. The problem is that it doesn't work[1].

Update: I've been able to deploy OGCE[0], which bundles Gridsphere 2.2.x, but, 
as it bundles also its own Tomcat version, I end up with twon instances of 
I have one Tomcat server in port 8180 (the default for both distros) and 
another one in port 8080 (the one I installed manually with OGCE).



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