Low end PC as home server, what package should I install?

Raymond Lee raycml at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 05:28:04 UTC 2008

I have an IBM desktop PC (about Windows 98 2nd release(or whatever it
was called that started support USB devices) time frame). I have added
to a total of 192MB.

I want to turn it into a home server for other machines (one Windows
Vista home basic, one Windows XP Pro) for access of multimedia data
(photos and music) by attaching an 80GB or 160GB PATA drives which are
dirt cheap now. Do you think it is a feasible solution? I think I'll
need Samba. Is it included in the desktop version or the server version
of Ubuntu? Considering the power of the system being on the low end,
should I do Xubuntu? If so, again, is Samba included?

If this sounds ok, what about I move a step forward by installing a RAID
adapter and run disk mirroring? Are there any such adapters (PCI bus)
that are supported by Ubuntu?

Are there any online resources for help in starting Samba on Ubuntu?

Thanks a lot!


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