mozilla-mplayer in a popup?

Wade Smart wadesmart at
Mon Feb 18 22:56:01 UTC 2008

Karl Larsen wrote:
> David Vincent wrote:
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>> Hi Folks.
>> Anyone else having this issue?  When I try to use the mozilla-mplayer
>> plugin to play a video (say off the frontpage)
>> the video never plays and mplayer pops up in a separate window - it is
>> not embedded like it used to be.
>> Any video I try to play from a webpage with the mozilla-mplayer plugin
>> exhibits this behaviour.
>> This started happening for me when I upgraded from Feisty, it happens on
>> all my machines.  It happens on fresh installs of Ubuntu/Firefox and
>> mozilla-mplayer plugin.
>> I've tried the mozilla vlc plugin (sucks, doesn't play reliably and when
>> it does there are no video controls even though the hotkeys are
>> recognized and the OSD recognizes that I pressed ffwd or pause for
>> example), totem-mozilla (doesn't play the CBC videos at all it seems,
>> even on a fresh install although this used to work), and the
>> xine-plugin.  Xine-plugin works the best - the videos actually play but
>> I don't have any video controls (like pause for example) which I always
>> find useful.
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>     When I tried that video it told me I needed to install another 
> driver. I just quit. And that video was going to play right on the web 
> page.
> Karl

02182008 1655 GMT-6

It doesnt open in a new window but it only plays audio - to video.


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