eclipse-pydev: New upstream release 1.3.13 avaible

Kristian Rink kristian at
Mon Feb 18 20:42:40 UTC 2008


Nick Stinemates schrieb:
> You both have 2 packages which mean something to you, and you seem to be
> technical enough. What's keeping you from packaging Eclipse 3.3? What's
> keeping you from packaging the latest 'trailing-edge' of Plone?

Sure, nothing is. But at least in terms of Eclipse (or NetBeans, for
that matters), I surely wonder why someone could ever, initially, come
up with the idea of packaging such an application for Ubuntu? If there's
an application complex enough (Eclipse certainly is) to. oh joy, come
with a well-thought-out package manager which is cross-platform and
working same as good on every platform Eclipse is available for, why on
earth should someone waste time and effort just for the sake of dumping
this platform-independent package manager provided by the application
itself to instead introduce it to a package manager not platform-
independent at all (like apt is, no matter how much I like it)?

I whole-heartedly don't get it. In Eclipse < 3.2, I spent quite some
funny evenings trying to figure out which versions of GEF, EMF and
whatever library required for that to install to my Eclipse SDK just to
have the latest WTP package install and behave more or less well.
Looking at the complexity and dependencies in Eclipse package
management, this used to be painful even without the apt/dpkg
dependencies thrown into it. Gone that way, just to by then see that a
dist-upgrade introduces new versions of some of the Eclipse plugins,
thus rendering these plugins useless which you used to install directly
using the Eclipse package manager, you'll do a dpkg --purge
<whatever-eclipse-deb-is-installed>... :/

> If you had packaged these things, submitted to the dev team, and it's
> still not available -- that's an entirely different story and I
> apologize. Somehow I suspect that is not the case.

No. It is not. I will not package Eclipse 3.3 for Ubuntu, neither would
I do about NetBeans 6 or any other modular application that has a
working package management itself.  Plus I will recommend everyone who
wants to use any of these applications with Ubuntu to stay the h**l away
from the packages in the repository and use the, say,
downloadable packages instead for as long as someone provides me with a
sane, meaningful reasoning why Eclipse indeed should be available in the
Ubuntu repos... By now, in case of Eclipse, the comfort of having the
app available through the repos does in no way compensate for the pain
to meet as soon as you're into installing an Eclipse plugin not part of
the repos.

Just my $0.02 on that, of course, make of it what you want. ;)
Cheers & kind regards,

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