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Awesome :)

I think in the latest version those folders on the desktop can be

Linux is really getting better.

On Mon, 2008-02-18 at 07:02 -0700, Karl Larsen wrote:
> I have been using Linux for several years and am used to calling a 
> directory a directory, not a folder. But times change and let me tell 
> you what I discovered.
>     It started with the Desktop. Friends send me things like short 
> movies and pictures and when I want to save them the save fuction 
> defaulted to putting these things on the Desktop. This was nice because 
> it makes it easy to view at a later time. So it continued and the dektop 
> was filling up with "stuff".
>     It became hard to click on a movie or double click a picture. You 
> could not see what you were doing. Something had to be done. With a 
> terminal I made directories movie, pdf, pics, and pps. These showed up 
> on the Desktop as real Folders. Using the terminal I moved all the files 
> to the proper folders and the desktop is clean except for 4 Folders.
>     Well I am still getting the stuff and putting on the Desktop. When I 
> feel like it I put these in a folder with my mouse. I click on the movie 
> and slide it over the folder movie and un-click and it is in the folder. 
> This is real windows performance and I like it. I never thought this 
> kind of detail would ever make it to Linux. It is real nice.
> Karl
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