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Mon Feb 18 12:45:47 UTC 2008

Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
> --- Nick Stinemates <nick at> wrote:
> 	Snip
>>>> Take a look at smbfs.
>>>> I use it in the following fashion:
>>>>     mount -t smbfs -o
>>>> username=<user>,password=<pass>
>> //<samba
>>>> mount point> /mnt/<local mount point>
>>>> Good luck
>>>> Nick Stinemates
    I went looking for smbfs in info mount and found it. But it says 
there that the current mount does not support smbsf. So I wonder how you 
discovered that this works? It talked to mount version 2.12 as not 
working. I see we have version 2.13 on my Ubuntu so perhaps that is why 
it works.

    It starts out like the usual manual mount call but then it uses -o 
to let you include name and password  and then the "//<samba 
mount point>" I have no idea where you found that :-)

    Maybe under NFS mounting?



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