Partition Reorganization

Derek Broughton news at
Sun Feb 17 15:06:25 UTC 2008

Leonard Chatagnier wrote:

> --- SYNass IT Ubuntu / Linux <i-ubux at>
> wrote:
>> After reorganizing my HDD with gParted it looks like
>> following:
>> hda1 / ntfs (WIN XPP original installation)
>> hda2 / ext3 (Ubuntu installation)
>> hda3 / extended part (rest of HDD)
>> hda6 / copy of hda2 (my first Ubuntu installation)
>> swap at the end of the extended partition
>> How can I get Ubuntu starting with the one in hda6
>> ???
>> Well, in the menu.lst of both the Ubuntu partitions
>> it shows hda2 !!

You weren't expecting the one on hda6 to know it had been moved were you? 
Computers aren't that smart yet :-)

Change the line beginning:
# kopt 
to point to the correct root filesystem.  Note, this may well be a UUID -
and you had better have different UUIDs on the partitions (if you copied
one to the other with "dd", you don't - if you created a new filesystem
with mkfs or a partition manager, you do).

Change the line:
# groot=(hd0,1)
# groot=(hd0,5)

Copy that menu.lst to _both_ partitions ('coz you're going to start this
process from one and end it on the other).

Then run:
# sudo update-grub

>> Where is the pointer to direct either WIN or Ubuntu
>> ?
>> Is it MBR and how do I adjust it to my newest
>> configuration ?

In a default install, MBR points to the Grub first level loader.  It finds
the menu.lst on your disk and builds the menu from that.

> Hello SYHass, I'm no expert so take what I say with
> caution.  That said, have you considered taking the
> boot tic off of hda2 and ticing it on hda6. I think
> that should work. If not someone will surely correct
> me. HTH.

Ahem :-)  Linux doesn't care about "boot tics" (I presume you mean
the "bootable" flag on the partition table - Windows doesn't even care
about it any more; Vista, at least, can boot from partitions not marked

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