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> Chatagnier wrote:
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> > > Hello Ubuntu System Experts
> > > May I ask you for your advice and guidance to
> > > overcome a special
> > > problem ?
> > > snip
> > > Well, in the menu.lst of both the Ubuntu
> partitions
> > > it shows hda2 !!
> > > 
Yes, and it will until you change the bootable flag on
hda2. You can leave hda2 as bootable and just make
hda6 bootable also, if thats what you want.  I would
just have one bootable.

> > > Where is the pointer to direct either WIN or
> Ubuntu
You select which one you want during bootup when the
grub menu starts, just hit escape to open the
selection.  You will see an entry for windows and an
entry for ubuntu for each kernel you have installed
and also a rescue entry for each of these entries.. 
Assuming you are using grub as your boot loader and
not lilo.

> > > ?
> > > Is it MBR and how do I adjust it to my newest
> > > configuration ?
> > > 
You don't need to run mbr unless you are not able to
boot windows.

> > > TIA for your prompt assistance and hints.
> > > Cheers, svobi
> > >
> > Hello SYHass, I'm no expert so take what I say
> with
> > caution.  That said, have you considered taking
> the
> > boot tic off of hda2 and ticing it on hda6. I
> think
> > that should work. If not someone will surely
> correct
> > me. HTH.
> > Good Luck,  You probably want to run "sudo
> > update-grub" or "grub-update". Can't remember
> which.
> > Leonard Chatagnier
> Hi Leonard
> My name is svobi ;-)
> Thanks for your feedback and concerns regarding my
> sensitive action !
> Due its sensitivity I have no courage to play'n risk
> and need confirmed
> and 
> proven steps to get my Ubuntu boot changed from hda2
> to the copied and 
> therefor identical hda6 !!
Ok, then wait for someone you have more confidence in.

> Had tried to get a better impression with S.G.D
> (Super Grub Disk) and 
> noticed that both partitions are recognized. Tried
> to get it changed 
> to hda6 but didn't workout as expected.
I dont't know anything about the SGD disc but you
don't really need it. You have to change the bootable
flag with any good partitioner(make sure the drive you
change is not mounted) to bootable on hda6 if you want
to boot it and see it in the grub startup menu.

> My assumption:
> While system boots I am able to choose my OS (Ubuntu
> or Win XPP) and 
> deciding for Ubuntu ... both the menu.lst points to
> the same hda2 !?
Yes and it will until you remove the bootable flag on
it with some partitioner.

> There MUST be another mark to point to either Ubuntu
> (old / in hda2) or 
> Ubuntu (new / in hda6) !?
> This may/must happen in the MBR entry !?
No, that's not how you change which partition it
bootable. it's as I said above.

> Yes, I still have too many question marks here and 
> therefor I am not feeling comfortable to erase my
> old Ubuntu and 
> risk a newmbr with the most accurate und wanted
> Ubuntu in hda6. ;-)

By all means don't erase your hda2 partition unless
you want to free up that partition for something else.
Just remove the bootable flag on it and it will not
longer be bootable but still can be mounted and
operated upon.

> Any more, especially secure, hints are very very
> appreciated. ;-))
If you haven't received a response from someone else,
I', sure you will shortly but I think they will tell
you the same thing.  Good luck. Hope this helps some.

> TIA and cheers, 
> svobi

Leonard Chatagnier
lenc5570 at

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