how to change date / time displayed in Evolution ?

SYNass IT Ubuntu / Linux i-ubux at
Sun Feb 17 03:33:10 UTC 2008

On Sat, 2008-02-16 at 17:36 -0800, NoOp wrote:
> On 02/16/2008 04:58 PM, SYNass IT Ubuntu / Linux wrote:
> > Hello Evolution Experts and Users
> > Evolution in its date colum shows the time with AM/PM !
> > 
> > I do not like it because I am used to 24 hrs display !!
> > 
> > Any chance to change it to get it done ???
> > 
> > TIA for your advice and guidance, 
> > cheers, svobi
> > 
> > 
> Presuming that you mean the email Date display; there is an open bug
> regarding this:

Hi & thanks for your feedback and pointer to this bug !
Exactly this is what I meant !!
Especially American developer mostly do not realize this difference 
we are used here in old Europe !!!

One more remarks:
Today's world has become very small.

As a Swiss my native language is (Swiss) German and all our systems 
do have Swiss German KBD's. All our systems are running in English and 
location isn't Europe / Switzerland: It's somewhere in this small wide
world !!!

One more little complaint here is to the American stile of writing the
date as mm/dd/yy:

In my eyes a nonsense because it is more contra-productive in 
recognizing and too, a reasonable sorting !!

Much better would be: yy(yy)/mm/yy to have proper chronologic
sequence ! ;-)

I had expected Novell being more open minded and knowing / respecting 
this difference !?

Cheers, svobi

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