Hug Day - 19 February 2008

NoOp glgxg at
Sat Feb 16 03:11:41 UTC 2008

On 02/15/2008 05:26 PM, Brian Murray wrote:
> For the next hug day we'll be working with bug reports regarding
> printing, so make sure you have plenty of ink and paper!   We'll be
> looking at new bug reports regarding cupsys and system-config-printer
> primarily and with those we'll be following up with reporters, 
> documenting test cases, confirming bug reports.  The event will be held 
> in #ubuntu-bugs on Freenode.  The list of targeted bugs and tasks is 
> posted at:
> Our goal is to deal with all of the bugs on that list and maybe more!
> So on 19 February 2008, in all timezones, we'll be meeting in
> #ubuntu-bugs on for another Ubuntu Hug Day.
> While you are welcome to apply to join the Ubuntu Bug Control team
> anytime, Hug Day is a great day to join!
> If you're interested in helping to make the next release of Ubuntu even
> better - please stop by.  And feel free to ask bdmurray, ogasawara,   
> pedro, heno and the rest of the team for ways to help out.  We hope to
> see you there and your name on the list of bug triagers!
> Sincerely,

How exactly does this work? For instance, the last HUG was for Evolution:

In the results are a bunch of "green" bugs (primarily by pedro) with no
indication what the "green" status actually means. Thinking that "green"
might mean that the bug is fixed I take a look at one:

and the final message in that bug states:

 Pedro Villavicencio  wrote on 2008-02-07:  (permalink)

Known upstream you can track it here:

Does the "green" just mean that the bug was responded to by someone?

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