Virtual machine with XP as a geust on 64 bit X86

Derek Broughton news at
Fri Feb 15 16:39:34 UTC 2008

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galt wrote:

> Install Crossover, then IE, then your program
> or
> Install VMware and XP vm

You're kind of short on options, and you didn't cover the pros and cons:

Wine: troublesome if you really need IE, but not everything that "depends"
on IE, _really_ needs IE.  Apps that used to fail without IE often now work
with the gecko plugin that Wine installs automatically.

VirtualBox (at least, I think it works for 64bit): imo, now a better option
than VMWare.

I would install Wine, install the program under wine, and see if it works. 
If it doesn't, it's only cost you a few minutes.  Crossover has a cost, but
it's not much - but I'd want to know it actually worked for the application

VirtualBox or VMWare will always run your Windows app, but you need a
licensed copy of Windows (they won't run OEM versions of XP after 30 days),
and you need to dedicate a considerable amount of your disk for the virtual
Windows disk.  I have a virtualbox image running XP in 3GB

> stan wrote:
>>  I need to run a windoze executable, which depends on IE. So, I would
>>  like to install an XP VM on one of my machines. This machine has the X86
>>  64 bit version of Ubuntu installed on it.
>>  What are my options here, What are the pros and cons of each?


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