hung boot process

Gerald Dachs ubuntu at
Fri Feb 15 14:20:59 UTC 2008

Hi Ashley,

you don't reply to me and you don't quote me, but I think you talk to me,
right? If yes please reply to my post directly and quote my saying next time.
This would mean you would have to go without top posting too.

Quoting Ashley Benton <meggalen at>:
> You say the level of the list is low, possible

The level of the list is not made by the questions, but by the answers  
to them.

> but How come you're an
> expert.

25 years of experience.

> Were you born like that?

of course not.

In my opinion it is no shame to not know all answers to all questions.
But if you don't know the answer then it is sometimes better to say nothing.

Specially your posts are over the average, so don't feel offended please.


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