Chris Jones jonesc at hep.phy.cam.ac.uk
Thu Feb 14 14:23:19 UTC 2008

> pay attention troll, i was told the majority of people here wanted it so 
> nobody top posted and behaved like the gaztapo agents want people to, so I 
> asked for reference to this poll that clearly shows that the majorty want 
> it if you cant show it piss off and keep out of it

I don't see the your point about a poll having any bearing.

Nobody ever said the 'rules' for this list where created following a 
vote of any kind. Ubuntu (canonical if you prefer) host this list and 
thus they are entitled to define the rules/guidelines as they see fit. 
I'm betting (but cannot prove this) when we all signed up to this list 
we agreed to this.

As far as I am aware the official rules / guidelines are


You seem in favour of free speech, and of course I agree with this. So, 
I see nothing wrong in anyone on this list using this right to remind 
others of the guidelines outlined on that page, if they feel the need to 
do so.


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