hung boot process

Karl Larsen k5di at
Thu Feb 14 13:23:46 UTC 2008

Gerald Dachs wrote:
> Am Wed, 13 Feb 2008 16:43:16 -0700
> schrieb Karl Larsen <k5di at>:
>> Bob Holtzman wrote:
>>> A search for error 15 yielded:
>>> 1. check rootline in grub.config --> locate *grub.config came up
>>> blank 2. reinstall grub w/ grub-install --> /boot initially was
>>> missing grub.
> This is because you have made a separate partition for boot and you are 
> only looking into the directory that is the mount point for this
> partition. If you make 'mount <boot partition> /boot' you will see
> the missing files appear.
>> 1. Boot the root partition which should be /boot/grub/ and you need
>> to mount that on the / partition. Same with /usr and /home. So it you 
>> didn't do that look at how I have /dev/hda7 attached automatically
>> to /.
> Karl, this is nonsense, /boot/grub/ is no partition and it looks
> like you are missing the point. He has used the installer to partition
> his drive and he can expect that the installer will manage all this
> things for him. 
    It does on Red Hat but not sure on Ubuntu. He was not clear how he 
got the the many partitions and the way it is working sounds like he 
needs to edit /etc/fstab.


> Sorry to say Bob, currently I can't see what is going wrong, but
> maybe after you have mounted the boot partition, you can see what
> is the issue with grub.
> Gerald


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