Bart Silverstrim bsilver at chrononomicon.com
Thu Feb 14 01:02:51 UTC 2008

Res wrote:
> On Sun, 10 Feb 2008, Bart Silverstrim wrote:

> Maybe I dont like bullies? I have always stood up to them and defended 
> those lesser, I admit however, you may not even realise some could 
> consider you that way.

Bullies?  What did I demand of anyone?  Point out where in my post that 
I made such a grievous transgression that I apparently am deserving of 
such vitriolic replies, when all I did was say that if you don't play by 
what the people generally want as rules, you risk not getting help?

I never bullied anyone here, I didn't even INSULT him, I didn't belittle 
him, yet for some reason you seem to be going out of your way to raise 
me up as an example of the transgressor!

At this point, I want the quote.  I want to know what exactly I said 
that deserved this response.  Otherwise, I call bullshit on this.  If 
anything, I'M being bullied, unless you prove otherwise.

I even SAID ON THIS LIST that if people point out where I stepped over 
the line I would actually apologize.  So far, NO ONE, not the OP, not 
another person seeing this, has stepped forward on this.  So please, 
here's an actual demand...show the proof, or please shut up and drop it. 
  I REALLY don't think this is unreasonable.

>> statement about the fact that if you WANT HELP from someone that does
>> have an attitude about how things are done, you do it by their rules or
>> ignore it and risk not getting answers or contributions you're looking for.
> Again, they are better off getting that help eslewhere if you want to 
> think your god thats fine by me, I have anotehr name for your type.

What the hell are you talking about?  If I think I'm god?  I made a 
statement.  I didn't once say I had the answers.  I am saying there are 
those on the list that are irked by people that keep irritating them by 
not following rules they see as simple courtesy for ease of 
reading...i.e., not top posting, not having fifty-line tags, etc...and 
if you irritate them they'll ignore you, yet may have the answer you 
want.  Or they'll killfile you.  Same effect.  Somehow you are 
projecting that I am holding out an answer until you give me candy or 

Again.  Show me what I did.  Or drop it.  This is a perfectly reasonable 
request. Somewhere you read into my post something that wasn't even 
there, and now you can't even admit that you could be WRONG, whereas I 
have publicly stated that if you can show the evidence and I'm wrong in 
the court of public opinion, I'd ADMIT I WAS IN THE WRONG.  As it is, 
you keep acting like a jerk and have not reciprocated my offer at all.

>> Excuse me, but what the hell are you talking about?  How dare you
>> threaten a process that will take away my right to be an obnoxious chest
>> beating wanker?
> I thought as much.

Um...I was quoting what you said, as in disbelief, since I didn't know 
where the hell your statement was coming from.  I'm beginning to 
seriously question your reading skills.

> not shouted down by self appointed net cops because the mods never let it 
> get that far, there's a clear code of conduct on 99% of them.

Where did I say I was a self-appointed netcop?  Where did I say anything 
that even insinuated it?

Quote it.  I'm betting you can't.

> i dont need to get answers from shouting little tosspots like yourself, 
> and i'm sure that once the silent newbies on this list see what sort of a 
> 'i'm am mightier and all great' lamer you are they will be greatful not to 
> get one from you :)

Until you can actually produce the proof of where I said anything of the 
sort, you're barking up the wrong tree, bud.  Here's the challenge. 
Show it.  It should be right in the archive of this thread.  Produce it. 
  I'm betting you can't.  Do it, and I'll apologize and say I was 
totally in the wrong.  You haven't even the decency to make the same offer.

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