Creative Live Pro webcam

Thomas Kaiser ubuntu at
Wed Feb 13 22:27:58 UTC 2008

David Vincent wrote:
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> Hi List.
> Can anyone offer advice on what to do to get this camera working?  I
> think I actually have an unsupported device.
> lsusb says:  041e:4038 Creative Technology, Ltd
> Some googling says it is not supported by spca5xx.  Like this page here:
> And it isn't on the list here:

If it is not in this list it wont work with gspca ;-(

> Then there's this page which says it works on Feisty and should work on
> later Ubuntus as long as you have the linux-headers installed.  I do, it
> still doesn't work.  And no /dev/video0 etc.

You need the linux-headers to compile the gspca from source, but this has 
nothing to do with the cam. If the cam is supported by gspca and Ubuntu has an 
older version of gspca in the dist, you have to get the source from the gspca 
website and compile by your self, _then_ you need linux-headers.

> Little help?  (Tony's instructions are pretty...umm...slim on details.)
>    :)
> Thanks!

We have to know what chipset your cam is using. There are a lot of Howto's, 
forum post and mail archives around how you can find it out.

Usually, the Linux drivers (kernel modules) do not depend to a particular made 
or model. They just support a certain chipset.
You can have the same cam from some companies with different chipset inside. The 
cam looks the same as the cam you just bought 2 weeks ago, but the new cam does 
not work (that's, how they make money. They just buy the cheapest chipset they 
get. The Windoz customer does not recognize this, because the cam looks the same 
and it works) .



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