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Gerald Dachs ubuntu at
Wed Feb 13 14:04:47 UTC 2008

Quoting Wulfy <wulfmann at>:

> Gerald Dachs wrote:
>> Quoting Wulfy <wulfmann at>:
>>> Mike Bullen wrote:
>>>> I installed the server version 7.10. Installed X server.   
>>>> Installed   xinit. When I start X using startx I get the error   
>>>> message no valid  fonthpath.  I tried sudo apt-get install   
>>>> fontconfig but still   cannot start X using startx?? Any solutions?
>>>> Thank you
>>>> Mike Bullen
>>> Install a *-desktop? [Ubuntu-desktop, Kubuntu-desktop, Xubuntu-desktop...]
>> I don't believe that Mike would have chosen the server version if he want
>> to have all the desktop stuff.
>> Mike, I had success after installing the meta package x-window-system-core.
>> It depends on all packages you need for running startx.
>> Gerald
> My mistake.  I assumed a desktop was needed to use X... so if he didn't
> want a desktop, he wouldn't be installing X...

I have set up an ubuntu minimal installation with a minimal X installation
for a Video Disk Recorder. The only X applications are  
xineliboutput-sxfe and mms that can be found here:

I tell this only to give you an example for a X installation without desktop.


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