pssst! Margaret, it's me again.

Willis Taylor gods-servant at
Wed Feb 13 09:33:33 UTC 2008

I downloaded gparted and found out right away that I had not resized the 
partition that the Kubuntu that I do not wish to use is on but had 
instead created a 5.51 gig partition for my Ubuntu.  Right off the bat I 
right clicked and resized the offending partition to 4.88 gig.  Here's 
my problem, I show a lock on the Ubuntu partition and I have this 31.61 
gig of free space that I wish to use with the Ubuntu and I do not know 
the first thing about how to get me out of the mess that my big head has 
gotten me into.

from gparted it reads;

74.53 gb total
/dev/hdb1  ntfs  30.38 gb
/dev/hdb2  ext3  4.88 gb .....<Kubuntu>
unallocated .....  31.61 gb
/dev/hdb4  ext3  5.51 gb .....<Ubuntu & it's locked>
/dev/hdb3  extended  2.15 gb  <it's locked>
/dev/hdb6  linux swap  305.86 mb  <it's locked.>
/dev/hdb5  linux swap  1.85 gb

Did I kill it? ;-)
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