Should I?

Willis Taylor gods-servant at
Wed Feb 13 02:00:19 UTC 2008

I have been very pleased with the support team for Ubuntu and my first 
full fledged Ubuntu machine is running very well due to the help of the 
folks on this forum.  I thought to be fair I would test Kubuntu 7.10 on 
my other machine and did a duel boot there.  I seem, however, to be lost 
on the Kubuntu and it seems to be less developed.  The driver on this 
system for my ip4300 Canon was a snap but the only Pixma ip printer 
supported in the Kubuntu is the model 4000.

I'm considering erasing the partition and installing Ubuntu on it also.  
I can't seem to get any answers to amount to very much on the other list 
and you gents are Johnny on the spot.  What should I do?
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