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Maxwell Schmart agent86ctrl at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 11:34:17 UTC 2008

Hi, I'll start with the short version ...
This is on a hard drive installation, not running from a CD.
Something happened to my video mode and now my screen is in some
unrecognizable mode.
Is there like a "safe mode", or a way to change the resolution/HZ to a
default that will work no matter what?  A "hot key" perhaps, like Windows F8
This is an installation on a hard drive, so using safe mode booting from a
CD doesn't help me.  The CD works fine.
Related question:  Is there a way to install Ubuntu using a non-destructive
repair install option??
Thank You.

Now, since I keep getting an unapproved bounce reply attempting to do this,
I would like to include my "membership" confirmation mail, which shows that
I have joined the group.

Is this a known feature?  

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