USB mounting question

Bart Silverstrim bsilver at
Tue Feb 12 13:44:21 UTC 2008

Nils Kassube wrote:
> Bart Silverstrim wrote:
>> He is trying to mount a USB external drive.  It mounts (reiserfs), but
>> only root can write to it, everyone else can just read.
> In such a case I usually suggest to make a directory on the drive, owned 
> by the user who wants to write to the drive. If all users should have 
> write permission to the same files, make a directory which is world 
> writeable.

I suggested that to him (he communicated it over IM) but the impression 
I got was that he would pose the question to me and then keep doing 
whatever he was doing and ignore what I sent, so I don't know if it had 
any effect.  The last thing he said was something about "got it in 
fstab".  *shrug*

I thought you were supposed to stay away from editing fstab for USB 
drives now.

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