Upgrade question

Thomas Cuthbert tabenx at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 12:04:09 UTC 2008

Patton Echols wrote:
> I am still running feisty on my laptop.  I intentionally didn't upgrade 
> on the "bleeding edge" but then waited longer than intended.  Part of my 
> concern is moving beyond my laptop's capabilities. 
> Question:  Is anyone here running Gutsy on a Thinkpad R40?  Any concerns 
> or thoughts?
> If not, can someone remind me of the safest way to upgrade?  Backup 
> first, obviously, and then?
> Thanks,
> Patton
I am, well was (laptop is no longer with us) but gutsy worked fine. 
Definitely back up first then go to terminal and type "sudo 
update-manager -c -d" no quotes. Check for updates and install all other 
updates before hitting the upgrade to gutsy button.
Hope this helps,

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