HDD / Partition reorganization / IM-possible !?

Gerald Dachs ubuntu at dachsweb.de
Tue Feb 12 12:02:10 UTC 2008

Quoting SYNass IT Ubuntu / Linux <i-ubux at synass.net>:

> Hi Daniele
> Thanks for your feedback and suggestion !
> Of course I have checked the usage of that partition and
> I had defragmented it a few times already !!
> Only about little more than 10GB is used out of 40GB but
> there are some "green marked" system data in midst of that
> partition which seem to block further shrinking/s !!!

I am not sure but I believe you will end with installing windows
again into a smaller partition.

I have question to you. For what do you use question marks and
exclamation points so excessive?


"Five exclamation marks, the sure sign of an insane mind."
(Terry Pratchett)

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