Another WIFI Issue Re: Linksys WMP54G V4.1

Leonard Chatagnier lenc5570 at
Tue Feb 12 02:32:55 UTC 2008

Does this mean that We're on speaking terms again and
I'm forgiven? Hope so as you have a lot of knowledge
of Linuxx and how it works. It just seems that we
couldn't converse with out teeing each other off, but
I'll try to do better. And I surely don't understand
everything that you and others are saying to me.  I
almost gave up on Linus due to experience with Debian
users list; they are not or weren't newbie frindly at
the time.  But some nice gal from Canada who literally
set up the wifi card in Windows for me, told me about
Ubuntu and how user, newbie friendly you are and I
stayed with it. That's how little I knew about
networking and wifi as I now know that windows usually
works just my hooking up the connections.  I hope me
reinstall from the alternate will go as smooth.  I've
come a long way since Debian but sill have only
scratched the surface.  I have some comments on what
you;ve said, below.

--- Derek Broughton <news at> wrote:

> Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
> > Now, in Ubuntu's infinite 
> > wisdom, has made "resolv.conf" only accessible via
> > script to add the correct info.  
> This is why I plonked you before.  Please DON'T
> assume "Ubuntu" has made a
> mistake just because you don't understand what is
> going on.  In fact, you
> can modify resolv.conf all you want.  You can even
> make it static.  That
> wouldn't be smart, but you could do it.  
> Much smarter would be to just ask us how you get
> resolv.conf to do what you
> want it to - except, just googling or searching this
> list should have told
> you.  
I did do a great deal of googling before I even posted
the first time; sorry, but not the archives as I've
tried but alway got a message saying the server was
down or something to the effect so that I couldn't
search.  Haven't tried lately though.
I also mentioned about the resolv.conf issue, what I
new it was before when everything worked and didn't
know to fix it. I thought that was sufficient but I
guess I don't know how to ask so I get the right
reply.  What you've just said about how to reestablish
a resolv.conf is the first time I've herd it. I've
heard about rming a file to regenerate it but am
reluctant to do so unless I'm sure it will regenerate;
my lack of knowledge here.  I've also asked how to
regenerate the original host file, even recently, and
never got a clear answer.  Can I rm th hosts file and
it regenerate itself?  That I'd like to know. 

> > When sudo could 
> > access the file and add data that the script
> wouldn't
> > ovrer write, I could simply add the info and be on
> my
> > way to connecting.
> Sudo can.  If you can't do it, I can only assume
> that _you_ have modified
> the "immutable" property of the file (I remember
> such a discussion here,
> but don't recall if you were involved).
No, wasn't me and I haven't modified any properties of
the file.  I knew that I could edit the file but it
wouldn't stay as such and didn't know about using
ifdown and ifup until recently and have used it since
to start up the wlan0 connection when it doesn't do it
automatically.  I learn something new, for me, every

> The default /etc/resolv.conf should say at the top:
>   # generated by NetworkManager, do not edit!
> and there's a good reason for that.
What reason other than it wont stick and be
regenerated as it was unless you correct to
misconfiguration causing it to be incorrect in the
first place.  My copy says that above and also that it
will be regenerated(implied to what it was).

> > Well, not to rant more, what must I do now to add
> the
> > above necessary info? 
> Simply removing /etc/resolv.conf would be a good
> start - it should be
> automatically recreated, but if it isn't "sudo touch
> /etc/resolv.conf"
> would do.
I wished I knew that after the first post as I had
evreything set up correctly in network except on item,
 the IP addr as I recall.  I felt good about that for
someone who had never done it before(Oh, hurt my arm).
 Goo0gle is your friend.
> > BTW, I don't read script, have 
> > read the man's, googled on it and cant't figure
> how to
> > do it. I've even added the search gateway and IP
> > address to my hosts file, probably wrong thing to
> do,
> Indeed.  The only thing that _might_ need to be
> changed is to set:
>  prepend domain-name "YOURDOMAIN";
> in /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf if just removing
> /etc/resolv.conf doesn't fix
> the problem.
I'll keep it in mind and file your response in my
Debian folder for the next time.  Also, one question
about ypbind that used to succeed but never does
now(failed after 10-12 tries.  I still get on line
but, how do I fix it so it succeeds again?  I'm
somewhat of a perfectionist, purist type and don't
like startup errors when it may affect the connection.
This may be the best conversation we've ever had. 
Hope it continues and you continue to respond to my
Linux needs.
Thanks for responding,

Leonard Chatagnier
lenc5570 at

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