OFF: its getting bad(Very) Please READ

Steve Lamb grey at
Mon Feb 11 21:48:51 UTC 2008

David Vincent wrote:
>> On 2/10/08, Martin Walshe <plasticman3327 at> wrote:

>>> Hopefully a mod steps in and moderates all these posts cropping up like
>>> what happened on the Kubuntu list is getting abit silly now.

> there are mods here?  according to:

    Any list which is actively maintained has a moderator; whether they
choose to step in or not.  The mail-server & list software doesn't
maintain itself nor do the filters in place to prevent spammers from
running amok.  So in that sense every well-maintained list is moderated
even if some web page somewhere says its not.

    As for this case, yes, step in.  That was no less spam than anything
coming out of Nigeria.  The very last line is the key.

Steve Lamb

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