Add Non-sudo user and configure firestarter

Derek Broughton news at
Mon Feb 11 17:46:25 UTC 2008

Anonymous wrote:

> When setting up a non-sudo user, once I login to their
> account and finish configuring it for them, I cannot
> use sudo to activate firestarter, how do I setup firestarter
> for the non-sudo user when he cannot use sudo?

The thing is, every user who has to have access to a program like that has
to be a "sudo" user (unless you install the program as setuid root), but
that doesn't mean they have to have access to everything.

>From _your_ account:

# sudo visudo 

In mine, I have (amongst other settings):

derek ALL=(zope,postgres) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/psql

That says that I can use "#sudo -u zope psql" or "#sudo -u postgres psql"
(ie, I can run psql as either the user zope or postgres - but not root -
without giving a password).

You could use:

USER ALL= /usr/bin/firestarter

To allow "USER" to run /usr/bin/firestarter (via "sudo firestarter") as
root, and with a password, or add the NOPASSWD: qualifier to say the user
can run without giving a password.

As you can see from the examples in the sudoers file, you can also give
access to groups.

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