Poweroff gives "Policy timeout is not valid"

Daniele d.conca at gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 17:28:47 UTC 2008

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Hi Peter,
thank you so much for the explanation,
that problem was driving me crazy :-)

do you think there's no way to let that button work also in a "startx"
session (maybe loading gnome.power-manager at sturtup and let it
manage the poweroff)? It was just so handy but of course I don't want
to run it as root.

Thank you again in any case,

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2008/2/11, Peter Garrett <peter.garrett at optusnet.com.au>:
> On Mon, 11 Feb 2008 11:51:23 +0100
> Daniele <d.conca at gmail.com> wrote:
> > " Action forbidden
> > Policy timeout is not valid. Please wait a few seconds and try again. "
> >
> > If I wait any amount of time I get the same error.
> > This only happens if I boot to the shell and start the xserver
> > manually with startx. If I login through gdm and then press the power
> > button the system shutdown works correctly.
> > I have the same issue using both Gnome and Xfce.
> This is because the shutdown is dependent on running gdm - gdm runs as
> root, and the shutdown buttons and dialogs in such a session have root
> privileges. Thus, when you shutdown from a session started from gdm, the
> shutdown comand runs.
> If you start X from a tty ( tty1-6), you are running as your user - (unless
> you startx as root, which is *not* a good idea... for all kinds of reasons)
> To shutdown or reboot from such a "startx" session, you can for example
> open a terminal and run
> sudo shutdown -h now  ( to halt the system)  or
> sudo shutdown -r now  ( to reboot)
> sudo halt    or
> sudo reboot
> also should work.
> Peter
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