problem with LDAP

Luca Ferrari fluca1978 at
Mon Feb 11 15:54:42 UTC 2008

On Monday 11 February 2008 Ed Greshko's cat, walking on the keyboard, wrote:
> This message is telling you that the DN (distinguished name) and password
> used to bind to the ldap server are invalid and that the LDIF file that is
> created was not imported into the ldap server.

Yes, I found that executing dpkg-reconfigure slapd solved the problem, and now 
I'm able to run, but with another error that I cannot 

adding new entry "uid=luca,ou=People,dc=gammadue,dc=com"
ldap_add: Invalid syntax (21)
        additional info: objectClass: value #5 invalid per syntax

and the generated ldif file contains the following entry:

dn: uid=luca,ou=People,dc=myCompany,dc=com
uid: luca
cn: Luca Ferrari
givenName: Luca
sn: Ferrari
mail: luca at
objectClass: person
objectClass: organizationalPerson
objectClass: inetOrgPerson
objectClass: posixAccount
objectClass: top
objectClass: krb5Principal
objectClass: shadowAccount
userPassword: {crypt}$1$uUw0rgtb$jrlOISGAwOlQ7gu087UMw1
shadowLastChange: 13907
shadowMax: 99999
shadowWarning: 7
krb5PrincipalName: luca at
loginShell: /bin/bash
uidNumber: 1000
gidNumber: 1000
homeDirectory: /home/luca
gecos: Luca Ferrari,,,

is something related to kerberos (I guess from the entry #5). Any idea?


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