Ted Hilts thilts33 at telus.net
Mon Feb 11 04:58:03 UTC 2008

I am new to Ubuntu.

I have a home network of computers and although TELNET is frowned upon 
because of security issues it is the only way I can communicate to older 
and different installations.  So after installing the TELNET client that 
is included with the Gutsy desktop I tried to install the TELNET server 
which was not in the Gutsy 7.10 server disk.  So I used aptitude to get 
the package from the Debian distribution.  No go!  I got the package 
which was automatically unpacked but could not find the TELNET server 
and discovered it placed elsewhere than the init stuff and associated 
symbolic pointers where the Ubuntu stuff is apparently located.

Is there a way I can activate this TELNET server or is the entire effort 
doomed to failure. Maybe the TELNET server package I downloaded needs a 
wrapper of some sort or associated libraries are in the wrong place, or 
maybe both.  I thought I'd better get some advice.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks -- Ted

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