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Richard wrote:
| You Know, that the Gov, is issuing those Checks Rebates,
| to Jump Start the Economy Right?... Hey $1200.00 back alright.. NOPE
| its a Sham... very said to say.
| Q. How do the Russian Ministry of Economic Development, know more
about our
| Economy than We Do ? is our Media to Blame or Gov to Blame..for hiding
| Truth?? (this is Nutz)
| Check out this link
| Then Goto Gov WebSite, and Check out the Bill
|  Scroll down to SEC. 6428
| Doesn't that make you sick... its NOT FREE & Clear Money,
| as Bush was preaching to us...its a Loan on your next Tax Return due
in 2009
| I'm going to send my back...

the way i understand it, at least what i see on cnn, it is suppose to be
a new "credit" on your 2008 taxes, and they will be giving us the $$ for
it now (early).  whats the harm?  your reading into this too much. take
the money and run like the rest of us.

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Steve Reilly

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