OFF: Was getting a New High LCD 24" Monitor...Until I Read this.

Richard cms0009 at
Sun Feb 10 20:05:17 UTC 2008

You Know, that the Gov, is issuing those Checks Rebates,
to Jump Start the Economy Right?... Hey $1200.00 back alright.. NOPE

its a Sham... very said to say.
Q. How do the Russian Ministry of Economic Development, know more about our 
Economy than We Do ? is our Media to Blame or Gov to Blame..for hiding the 
Truth?? (this is Nutz)

Check out this link

Then Goto Gov WebSite, and Check out the Bill
 Scroll down to SEC. 6428

Doesn't that make you sick... its NOT FREE & Clear Money,
as Bush was preaching to us...its a Loan on your next Tax Return due in 2009

I'm going to send my back...

Bill H.R. 1955 / S. 1959 Save your Freedom of Speech ( Watch it )

Ron Paul - youtube it

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