Gnome gone weird for one user

damian misc at
Sun Feb 10 15:42:15 UTC 2008

Hello all,

I've just managed to get a xorg file working for my BenQ W100 wide 
screen projector giving a good image at 1280x720. It's taken months to 
get there so I'm very happy to have a screen that is now the correct 
aspect ratio rather than a standard 4/3 screen squashed.

However, these new settings work in all but one user .. mine.

The log in screen comes up in the shiny new resolution and all seems 
fine. All is fine if I log in as any other user. But if I log in as 
myself, the resolution seems to change to something very odd and is 
either babrely readable or my projector refuses to display it all together.

What on earth could be going on here? I can log in ok if I use KDE. If 
there a gnome config file or something that I can either edit or delete 
to fix this?

Looking forward to any ideas.


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