Getting Skype webcam working SOLVED

Gerald Dachs ubuntu at
Sun Feb 10 12:17:59 UTC 2008

Am Sat, 09 Feb 2008 20:55:30 -0500
schrieb Bart Silverstrim <bsilver at>:

> Karl Larsen wrote:
> >     Well FEDEX arrived with my new referbished webcam And I knew it
> > was going to be good. When I plugged it in a light in the webcam
> > came on. On Skype I selected Options - Video Devices and where it
> > says Select webcam it reads  (/dev/video0).
> > When I press the test in the black square it shows the image from
> > the webcam.
> > 
> >     So to get a wbcam to work in Ubuntu you must have the right
> > webcam and the one above is right. It cost $20.00
> > 
> >     All of you who thought you should be able to get the other
> > webcam I have working are wrong.
> Okay.  Everyone on the list now knows that if it isn't something
> listed on the known-good-out-of-box list, get something else that is
> and all difficulties will be gone.
> Damn.  Guess we don't even NEED this list.  Karl just solved all of
> our problems in perpetuity.


The problem is only that his information are not very useful.
At least the first ten pages in google searching for "Logitech QuickCam
EC" let not show up a single shop where you can buy one. Either it
is too old, or it sold by another name.


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