Cloner source and destination addresses

elmo elmo at
Sat Feb 9 02:48:37 UTC 2008

Gerald Dachs wrote:
>> The Linux version,  ' UNSTOPCP.GZ  ' in UBUNTU provides a similar space
>> for entering the source and destination addresses but there is no
>> explanation of the form of addresses that should be used.
>> My ubuntu is in /dev/sda2 and I want to clone it to an external hard
>> drive ext3 partition in /dev/sdb3 so I tried using these as the source
>> and destination respectively............ The cloning action starts but
>> stops immediately.
> What does UNSTOPCP that dd can't do?
> Gerald
I don't know except supposedly being easier to use. I've used the 
Windows version in
Windows and all that had to be done was enter the name of the source 
partition, for example, 'C:'
and the name of the destination partition, 'F:' and it would clone 
everything from the C: partition
to the desired destination partition 'F:'

For Linux, there's 'unstopcp.gz which is supposed to work the same way. 
But, the source and
destinations are entered in a different way from the Windows version. 
NOT A CLUE as to the
form to use.

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